Initial Sketches

I started to get going on sketching out my ideas so I could play around with them and really develop my drawings.

Scan 145Scan 141Scan 144Scan 147Scan 156Scan 146

Originally I just started pencil sketching brainstorms of quick drawings to see what could work and how I wanted to get going on these illustrations.

Scan 141Scan 140Scan 150Scan 149

I looked at colour and media to see what worked and what I wanted my palette to be.

Scan 152Scan 136Scan 138Scan 139Scan 137Scan 135Scan 142Scan 151

Finally I did some rough copies of what my final illustrations could be. I’m quite happy with how some of these came out but I think others could do with tweaking. I’m going to send these rough copies of my final illustrations to Freya, the author, to see what she thinks and show her my original brainstorm so I can get her opinion on my work so far.


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