InDesign – Laying out my book

Once I had cleaned up my final illustrations in photoshop, I began to layout my book in InDesign. Because I sketched where I wanted my illustrations to go and planned around that, it was simple enough to put them into InDesign. However this meant that my options for layout were pretty limited so I just had to fit the text around them.

I really liked the simplicity of Minion Pro contrasting with the complicated, metaphorical narrative so it was a perfect choice for the text. The arrangement of the text was completely dependent on the illustrations. Where there was no illustration on the page, I put the text central, but with all of the others, I had to go off what fit around the illustrations best as I knew what I wanted them to look like and how I wanted them positioned

I knew exactly what I wanted from my book once it was in InDesign, thanks to extensive development and detailed talks with Freya, it was easy to just put it all together ready for printing.


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