Author Conference

Over the holidays I sat down with the Author of The Butterfly Soldier, Freya to see what she thought of what I’d done so far.

In general, we both thought that getting too literally could make it look very comical which would completely take away from the serious nature of the story. We also thought it best to avoid clichéd imagery when designing it.

Scan 138

Because I only have a few sketches I showed her my original brainstorm first.

She liked everything except for the ideas for the fourth paragraph. We both agreed that they all sounded cliché and amateurish, like something an angst 14 year old would draw so those were scrapped. But then we both began to struggle with what we wanted from that paragraph. Freya said the line she felt was most important was the one about the silverware so I think that’ll be a focus going forwards.

Scan 151

The next one I showed her was this one which she completely loved. However she wanted to remove all colour except on the wings so I’ll have to redraft it that way and see how it works.

Scan 142

Freya also loved this one but she said it took her a minute to realise that the smoke was in the shape of lungs and suggested rotating them so they were correctly orientated as that would make it more apparent.

Scan 137

When I showed her this one, we both weren’t sure about the text on the mirror. It didn’t quite fit as in the piece, the liver is the only one that is apologetic for leaving, it needs to be a bit more sentimental. We agreed it needed to be changed to ‘I’m sorry’, keeping it simple but still echoing the sentiment.

In general, colour seems to be working, but only in small, carefully considered segments and only in places significant to the story.

Talking to Freya gave me a new perspective on what I’d drawn, it was good to both get a fresh pair of eyes and see if I was representing her work the way she wanted me to.



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