Storybook Research – Irish Fairytales



Growing up this was one of my favourite story collections. The stories were mystical tales of people put under terrible curses which was something I really loved. Finbarr O’connor’s illustrations fit beautifully in with the text often cutting through it. They’re often very realistic and draw you into the story with their realism.

The format and placement of the illustrations changes very often throughout the book which I always found was annoying because of the inconsistency. Some of them cut through the text, some of them are free standing at the bottom of pages, some are framed, some are framed with parts coming out of the frame. I think they should have just stuck with one because the inconsistency is quite distracting.


I do however really like the framing on this illustration. The classic celtic knots in the corners of the frame are really pretty and tie the piece together really nicely. The way the girl is breaking out of the frame contrasts this part of the story with it’s sense of freedom from breaking out while at this point she is being put under a curse that turns her into a swan, therefore being contained in a smaller form.


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