Photobook Research – Simonetta Moro

Simonetta Moro has an interesting approach to maps by working into them to the point where they’re near impossible to read and they begin to lose their function as maps.

I particularly like the one below because of the sporadic moments of clarity across the piece. Among the chaos Moro has created with the layers of pastel, covered with tracing paper, the holes in it add intricate detail to what lies underneath. It reminds me of a magnifying glass, looking closely at the makeup of something that otherwise all blurs together as one.


These moment of clarity could be something I could experiment with in my work, blurring all but the significant street I’m looking at or erasing all other street and place names so that the street stands out among the rest of the map. I could also try having my photos of the street signs over the map so that you can see where they are in relation to each other.

These could both cause complications with layout though so it will just be something I have to test to see if it works.


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