Photobook Research -Richard Misrach’s Sky Book

The sky book was such a peaceful book to read. Looking at pictures of the sky from different times and places was really calming and it felt like I was laying in a field looking up at the sky myself. I also realised I had no idea how many different colours the sky could be. You live under the sky your whole life and this book made me feel like I’d taken it for granted with all its beautiful colours and patterns.


I really like the format that most of the book had as well, with large images with a thin margin surrounding it. This format imitates the vastness of the sky and really encompasses the feeling that it’s surrounding you. Having the place, date and time at the bottom works really well too because it shows that this photo is just a snapshot of a moment that won’t be the same a few minutes later or even at the same time the next day, month or year.


This book really captures the ever-changing nature of the sky and how different it can be from place to place, day to day, minute to minute.


However, the change in format for the pages like these, I really don’t like. Although it still shows the ever changing nature of the sky, it has lost the feeling that you’re actually looking up at the sky. Whereas the other format made me nostalgic for lying on the ground watching the sun rise and set, this one just seems like a collection of detached photos of the sky. I think one photo per page works far better and this change in format does nothing but detract from the beautiful atmosphere that one photo per page creates.

The way Misrach creates narrative through exposing the changes in the sky is beautifully subtle and I want to bring a similar subtlety to my work so that it can speak for itself in a simple way without me having to hand hold people through my content.


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