Storybook – Style inspiration boards

I see a lot of random drawings with no artist given on tumblr so I grouped together a few of them with similar styles to create some inspiration boards for the styles I may explore for my illustrated story book.

Inspo board 1

This style of simple lines with minimal shading is really nice and bold, I like the simplicity of it. It says a lot without getting too tied up in realism and shading. This is a style of drawing that I’ve done similar things to, however I like to have one or two segments of colour that stand out so I may adopt a hybrid version of this style for my illustrations.


Inspo board 2

The next style I looked at was quite colourful and more realistic, using subtle colouring, if any, to create very elegant images. I looked at these pieces to see if I wanted to do something different to what I usually do when drawing. However I really like my hardline style of illustration which doesn’t work with this elegant style.


Inspo board 3

Similar to the first, I looked at this style to see if a photo background could be a good one to use behind my drawings. With the right photo behind them, they could work really well so I think it could be worth experimenting with.


Inspo board 4

Again, this style is similar to the first but with the addition of mostly cell shaded colour. With this style of drawing, I find the use of colour can be really poignant which is what automatically drew me to these.

I shall have to experiment extensively with style and material to see what works with my book.


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