Storybook research – Gabriel Picolo

Gabriel Picolo does beautiful illustrations of spells and creatures from the Harry Potter series complete with beautiful descriptions of what he’s drawn.

His use of watercolour/ink in his illustrations is vibrant while still holding a delicate quality, even in the areas where it is smudged or washed out. He illustrated what the description in the book is talking about over the top in a way that makes it seem as if the book is coming to live and playing out like a film before your eyes.

I particularly like the Golden Snitch page because of the carefully considered shading on the snitch itself, contrasted with the wispy, watery slipstream trailing behind it across the page.

The fact that he covers most of the text with his illustrations is infuriating though. I want to read what’s written and know more about this world, with the accompaniment of the illustration. As a backdrop to an illustration, it works perfectly, but as book, not so much. He can almost get away with it though because of how famous this franchise is, worldwide. Most people looking at these would know the spells and the creatures and what they can do.

His style is beautiful and has inspired me to explore watercolour as a medium for my illustrations but with the story I’m using not being well known, I can’t really afford to cover the txt with my illustrations the way Picolo does


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