Storybook Research – Brick by boring brick – Paramore

When Freya sent me the story, it reminded me of the video for Brick by Boring Brick by Paramore as there are a few similarities between the two

The video tells the story of a little girl with butterfly wings who goes to explore a magical world beyond a door. The world then turns nasty and dark and she runs away, falling into a grave that has been dug throughout the video and the front woman of the band watches her then walks away as the grave digger fills in the hole.

Both stories are about a butterfly protagonist discovering things about the world and themselves and both lose parts of themselves in the process.


The very saturated appearance of the video is almost hard to look at because of the hue. It’s so orange for the most part that it’s almost off-putting.


The point where the world the girl is in begins to change and turn dark is highlighted by the moment that she rips off her butterfly wings. Many children wish they were fairies and many fairies are portrayed with butterfly wings. This scene is her physically ripping away her childhood dreams and fantasies as she realises there is no place for them in this dark horrible world.


The little girl falling into the grave, paralleled by Hayley Williams in a similar dress, sitting by could be symbolic of her recollecting the death of her childhood and her innocence. When she stands up, she throws the little girl’s doll into the grave with her and walks away, as if she is letting go of that last bit of her childhood.

In 4½ minutes, this video shows the progression from innocent child to enlightened adult. With not many words in the story I’m working on, I have a similar timeframe to do a similar thing. As this video does, I shall have to pick out key imagery to present it.


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