Storybook Research – Anna Sudit

I really like Anna Sudit’s style. Her bold use of vibrant block colours is eye-catching and makes you want to pay attention to what she’s doing. Keeping the images simple really works in her favour to express the boldness in subject and style.

Most images  of women presented in modern media, they have flawless skin, hair, make-up, stereotypically perfect body and smile. Female masturbation is also treated as a taboo subject. Sudit uses unrealistic, contrasting colours as a way to break out of the stereotypes placed upon many women in society these days.  The vibrant colours avoid they typical pastels, light colours or seductive reds usually used to present women and shows them as they are, in full technicolour.

Her style makes a statement which could be something I’ll explore. However with the poetic nature of the piece I’m illustrating, it may not work. Sudit’s use of colour is purposeful and works with her subject matter whereas with mine, it may just look garish.


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