Story for Narratives – Initial Ideas

For my illustrated storybook, I wanted to do a collaboration between my friend, who is a writer and myself. I asked her to write me a short story or poem for me to illustrate and she sent me one called The Butterfly Soldier that she had just written. She sent me over the story and gave her official permission for me to use it.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 10.12.47

I want to treat this as if I’m working for an actual client, referring to her on my decisions, seeing what she thinks and revising them. This will be good practice for working more collaboratively and for someone else as well as my self, skills that will be essentially for working in the design industry.

When she sent me the text, I started to brainstorm ideas of what I could illustrate it with based on my first impressions and images that came to mind when I was reading it.

Scan 138.jpg

I want to avoid being too literal when illustrating this story because I think it would look too comical and would distract from the seriousness of the piece.

I also want to avoid cliche or amateurish imagery that could make the piece looks like it was drawn by a young angst teenager and ruin the book completely. This is why I don’t think I’ll be doing any of my ideas that I wrote for the 4th paragraph because they remind me of a very amateur style of imagery and illustration.

My next step is to look at different styles and materials I may want to work with and get making drawing boards and testing my ideas.

I can’t wait to start illustrating this story because it’s so full of rich imagery that I think I can create something very beautiful.


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