Photobook – Photos

Once I decided I wanted to take photos of street signs of streets that have had significance in my life, I had to go back to Sheffield to take the majority of them.

I quickly realised that I had about 13/14 significant streets to me so I narrowed it down to the 9 most important and took photos of those.

The significance of each street is as follows:

Hunter Hill road: The first street I lived on, the first house in Sheffield my parents owned and the place my sister was born (the living room carpet)

Sharrowvale Road: The street of my primary school and where I met my best friend of 11 years.

Millhouses Lane: The house I moved to when I was nine which my family still live in almost 10 years later.

High Storrs Road: The road of my secondary school, y7-y11

Carter Knowle Road: The road my ex I was with for 2 and a half years lived on.

Newbould Lane: The road my 6th form is on.

Marlborough Street: The accommodation I moved into for foundation and live in now.

Brincliffe Edge Road: The bench and the park my best friend and I met up at whenever we had problems and needed to talk during my foundation year when I was home.

Vernon Street: Leeds College of Art’s other building where I did my foundation.

I had ideas of others, the street my best friend lives on, Blenheim walk (to end on where I am now) etc, but I couldn’t have made it up to 20 without adding streets that didn’t have a very strong significance and I think that would take away from the meaning and the value of it for me.

I will have to play with the layout of my book to see how I can make it work with having less content than pages, but I think less content for the sake of meaning is a good decision.


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