Photobook – Cover and sentence.

For the cover of my photo book, I wanted to do something related to where I am now, but keep it very ambiguous as to the exact meaning behind my book. This lead me to decided to not put my name or a title, just have the map of Blenheim walk as a wrap around cover for the entire thing.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 09.41.07

I really like the simplicity, subtlety and ambiguity of this cover because it could mean anything, though in actuality, it means something very significant.

Throughout the process of exploring this idea, the lyrics to Feels Like Home by Newton Faulkner have been floating around my head. I think that a section of these would make a good sentence for my book.

Because all of my photos are on double page spreads, I thought to put the sentence split between the two single pages at the front and back.

I think these particular lyrics bookend the photo set really nicely. The first half is similar to the feeling I get when ever I step onto the platform when returning home to Sheffield. I am so happy to be home and the air, the grey sky, the people around me all feel like home. The second half illustrates how proud of myself I am for getting to university, doing well and achieving things because there have been periods where I didn’t think I would. These four lines perfectly encompass my attachment to home and where I am now and the split arrangement demonstrates that really well.

Several things happened on every one of these places to get me where I am now and the way that can be described in 18 photos and 4 lines of a song is incredible to me.



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