Etching is something I’ve never done before because of the expense so I was really excited to make my etching plate in metalwork.

We printed our images and photocopied them onto acetate so we would have our positive to expose onto.


We then had to cut our metal to size so as not to waste lots of metal we didn’t actually need for our plate.


After this we were ready to put the photo film onto our plates and go up to the print room and expose them. Once they’d been exposed, we brought them back down to the workshop and put them in chemicals to stop the exposure process, washing off the film on it.


Once finished, we left them to dry so that later they could be dipped in acid before we printed with them.


I did enjoy this workshop, however metalwork has never really been something that inspired me so I don’t think I will be using it too much, but the opportunity to learn new skills has been great.


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