Inspiration – Street map of Bath


Because I’ve been working in a circular format for the majority of this project, this tourist map of Bath, immediately caught my attention.

It’s rare to see a map that isn’t a piece of art displayed in such a stylistic format, however, for city centres I feel it works very well as you can encompass the entire thing in a way that is stylish, easy to read and shows all the details you need in it.

The circular format also gives to the idea of it being the border of the city, or the border of the city centre, encircling the entire thing so that you don’t get lost in the detail of the surrounding area. As well as this, it feels as if a magnifying glass has been placed over Bath to highlight certain parts of it and show you things you may not have otherwise found just walking around or using google maps.

It’s very useful because it works in any direction, whichever way you turn it, if you photographed it to show you your way around and it’s focused on a central point.

This map shows that a circular format map is both aesthetically pleasing and functional for a tourist’s use.


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