At the beginning of this module, I had several ideas that I was working with so I did very wide research for all of them before deciding on the ideas of the similarities between different cities. I feel like I researched all of my ideas and processes well, despite the main focus of my project being based on only one. Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino quickly became a focus point for my development in this project and was a huge inspiration for my work. I feel like I could have done much more research to develop my idea further though and analysed the artists’ work and how it related to my own practice with much more detail.

My idea went through an extensive development with lots of testing and changes that helped me to refine my piece until I had a result I was happy with. The mix of media in my final piece was a product of this testing which helped visually communicate my idea.

I have a tendency to set myself too much work and be over-ambitious with my ideas, which means that I always have a heavy workload and this project was no exception. Through setting myself to-do lists and planning my time, I managed to stay on top of my workload and have everything finished in time. This didn’t mean that it was a stress-free process, but I managed to not let stress consume me, which has been a problem in the past.

Working collaboratively for elements of this module was an opportunity to pool ideas and style of working to create a product which was something I’ve not really done as I like to work independently, but I really enjoyed making the zine and documentary film collaboratively. It gave me the chance to take a step back and be less controlling of the design process, which is something to further, improve upon in the future.

I have struggled with deciding which idea I wanted to pursue which held back my development quite a bit and meant that some of my research was irrelevant to the idea I followed through with.

My biggest strength during this project has been the amount of testing and development I did to refine my idea. Managing my stress was also a huge feat for me and something that I feel I did well.


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