Artist research – The little lost project


This is an adorable project that gives life and personality to the objects we lose on the street everyday. It makes people emote with them in a way that makes them more concious of their belongings and what they drop. It reminds me of how much Toy Story made me think about what I do with my toys and what they see and hear.


The sign on these tissues is great because it’s such a hopeful and desparing statement at the same time. ‘It’s going to be alright’ is such an uplifting statement to whoever reads it, it’s a little reminder to think positively about things. Putting it on a pack of tissues works so well because when you’re ill or crying, tissues are the thing that clean you up and give you that small comfort when you’re feeling low.

It’s also quite a sad statement because it’s something you only need to hear when you’re sad or ill or generally down so it’s based on the assumption that this is the case. However if that is the case then it’s very uplifting to hear.






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