Artist research – Rebecca + Richard Walsh

I stumbled upon the artists’ father selling their work on a stall in Bath city centre and, because of how much I love map art, immediately took interest and went to talk to him.


The way they very stylistically create maps of cities looks beautiful and gives a life to the city that maps don’t usually give because they’re only displaying the geography and not the vibrance and personality of the city.


I really love that they’ve kept to segments of the colour wheel in their palette for each one because it gives this cohesive depth of field in looking at the city that a more varied colour palette would make look very messy and unorganised.



The greyscale images however contrast this hugely because they are only using tonality to create the same depth and definition as the colour ones but because of the cell shading of each segment of the pieces, I think they can stand up as just as powerful and impacting as the colour ones.


I do prefer the colour ones though as they show a vibrancy that maps don’t usually have and show much about the individuality of the city than most maps usually do.


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