Artist research – Michelle Hamer


I’ve always loved cross stitch which was what drew me immediately to Michelle Hamer’s work. Stitching detailed landscapes such as hers takes a lot of time and patience and forward planning which is why I love that her subject matter is, for the most part, billboards and road signs. They are things that take minimal time to put up, and are mostly only viewed for a few seconds or minutes at a time and not taken in as people walk past them in the street or drive past in their cars.


Her choice of medium, juxtaposing with the subject, beautifully illustrates how little thought we give to the media and signs that are placed all around us in our day to day lives and how we should all probably take more time to think about what we are consuming and whether there should be more important messages there than just adverts for cereal and perfume.


Hamer’s work is a wonderful portrayal of the modernity of society in a medium that is slowly being lost over time. Her stitching looks like blurred photographs which I really love about it.

Stitching is something I’m experimenting with in this project but Hamer has opened my eyes much more to the possibilities and outcomes of using this medium which may be worth experimenting with further in this project.


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