Artist research – Jessica Jones titles


The animated watercolour collage style of the title sequence for the Netflix series, Jessica Jones immediately inspired me because of the dark silhouetted imagery, contrasted with a wash of colour and limited definition without losing the detail of the picture.


The use of limited colour palettes per frame is used beautifully to portray mood for each of them and tell you things about characters that you may not have even met yet. It heavily plays with colour symbolism due to purple being a huge part of the show and the characterisation of the antagonist (Kilgrave/Purple Man).


The transitions and layering across the animation shows a beautiful spread of the setting Hell’s Kitchen (New York) and shows you across the city as well as using the watercolour style to show both the vibrancy and life as well as the mess and filth that you can see across the setting for the show.


The kind of imagery used in this title sequence is what I have been and want to continue looking at through visual exploration and explore how I can show so much of what my work is about in such a concise and limited way.


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