Artist research – Ed Fairburn


Ed Fairburn imprints people onto the landscape in a way that forms a beautiful connection between people and their land. The way he makes the contours of the girl’s face mould into the contours of the land in a flawless blend is very clever and helps to strengthen this connection.

The way her face is fragmented is interesting because, added to the girl’s expression, it gives the piece an air of brokenness and fragility.


There’s always been a huge connection between people and the land they come from. People hold a lot of standing with where people are from and where they live. People also hold pride, hate loathing, jealousy, admiration and so many other feelings towards others based on their nationality.

With the amount of death and destruction across the world and people having to flee their homes for fear of attack, that connection is made stronger and that hate and adversity is being shown more widely as well as a huge wave of acceptance for those people despite it.




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