Artist research – David Shillinglaw


I was really inspired by the way Shillinglaw’s illustrations are made up of various elements about the person he’s describing. He puts in specific dates, obsessions, descriptive words, body parts and objects to create an illustrated collage of who that person is.

The use of both illustration and text to create the narrative in Shillinglaw’s work is beautiful because the illustration helps the reader’s eye move from one word to the next, helping them to take in the entire piece individually and look at each element in detail rather than losing some of them in the larger design of the piece.

In relation to the city, Shillinglaw’s work pushed me to look at the micro details of the city and dissect it in a way which meant I knew each individual element so well I could composite them together to make up the city like taking apart and putting a machine back together.

His use of a limited colour palette is really nice because it brings a beautiful element of simplicity to the otherwise chaotic and busy composition of his drawings. This is the way I went about portraying elements of the city as well because cities are so chaotic and busy that it is hard to make a cohesive piece about them without some part of it tying the whole thing together.



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