Zine in a day

The zine in a day workshop was a really good opportunity to practice zine making, we looked at loads of different zines to inspire us so we had an idea of what we were doing before we started. I really liked that we got to collaborate in this workshop so that we all got to express our different styles around an idea.

We discussed loads of different ideas that we could work with for our zine and finally settled on the idea of the environment and how there are so few trees in Leeds these days.

We decided that we would each do 2 pages and then collaborate on the extra pages.

Scan 26

Scan 27

Left-hand page mine

Scan 28

Scan 30

Right-hand page mine

Scan 31

Right-hand page mine

Scan 29

Left-hand page collab

Scan 32Scan 33

Scan 34

Left-hand page mine

Scan 35

I really enjoyed making this zine and zine-making is definitely something I want to do again at some point.


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