Collage workshop


We had a workshop where we got to play around and creating images with found imagery. We started off by just playing with collage, seeing what worked and what kind of collage we liked.

I’ve done bits of collage in the past because it’s a medium that I really enjoy using so I started the workshop knowing the style of collage that I like to use.

I liked using text and semi-transparent layers to make my collage and adding in some drawn element over the top.

Then in the afternoon, we had to use the skills and elements of collage that we’d learnt in the morning and create a collage about the city for visual exploration. I decided that sewing mine would be a really good way of working into the image so I collaged my images together and put them into an embroidery hoop so that I could sew it.

Scan 18

I really like the finished result but I feel the text wasn’t very easy to see in the image.

The workshop inspired me a lot so when I got home I started to make my own collages as a continuation of it.

The first one I did was sewing the outlines of buildings, using colour to illustrate depth of field which worked well because the white outline is almost invisible


I then went back to the idea of embroidery hoops and looking at Invisible cities and made a small set of four in response

I found this workshop really helpful and collage is definitely something I want to explore in Visual Exploration


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