Light Night

I was very excited for Light Night, many of the events seemed very exciting so I decided to head out alone so I could get to all the events I wanted to see and more in the few hours I had. I decided to just take my camera because my tripod would be a lot to carry and take a lot of setting up between exhibits which could have been very time-consuming.

Tears Of Angels
Sharon Caton-Rose
Oxford Place Methodist Church

This was the first piece I went to see and the second you walked into the room, you felt the mesmerizing atmosphere wash over you. As a pluviophile, I loved this piece immediately. I sat on the floor and let the sound of rain and the storm surround me as I looked at the piece


The thin, pearlescent aesthetic of the threads holding the crystals made it seem as if it were raining straight into the bowls below. It felt like a long exposure of the rain falling, the string being the motion of its fall, the crystals being the drops and the bowls being the splash as it hits the ground.


With the sound combined with it, it created such a meditative space to just sit and relax and enjoy the work. The projections on the walls surrounding me made me feel like I was sat in the eye of the storm, surrounded by rain and storm cloud without getting wet.


The only downside was that the other people in the room were loudly talking which ruined the meditative feel of the room. Maybe if one of the stewards had asked people to be silent, it would have helped preserve the atmosphere in the room. I really liked the way people’s shadows cut through the wall projections on the wall to make beautiful rain coloured silhouettes.


 This was one of my favourite pieces I saw throughout the night, the atmosphere of it was so relaxing and I loved it.

Your Colour Perception
Liz West
The Crypt, Leeds Town Hall

This piece was supposed to feel like you were walking through a rainbow however I felt that it just felt like walking through a room with multicoloured lights. When I was walking through the different hues, I was transfixed on the transition of colour across my skin but it was just interesting lights, there was no atmosphere to it at all.


If the light had been more intense and there had been some sort of smoke or artificial clouds to hold it in the air, something that you can feel as you walk through, it would have felt so much more realistic, like you were genuinely walking through the sky.


I did manage to take some long exposures of people walking through the room so it blurred them all but the lights remained the same. I like these photos, but if it had been through fake smoke, I feel like it could have had a much more ethereal quality to both the photos and the room.

IMG_8108 IMG_8113 IMG_8112 IMG_8111 IMG_8110 IMG_8109

I did really like this piece, but it could have been vastly improved to make it more atmospheric for the viewer.

Painting With Light
Michael Bosanko
Millennium Square

From the advertisement in the programme, I thought that Bosanko would be painting fantastic images with light and long exposure in the huge tent in the centre of the square, however he was just taking pictures of other people writing things like ‘selfie’ which was exceedingly disappointing. I got bored quickly and it wasn’t impressive so the only pictures I took were long exposures of his lights with an emphasis on blurring them to create tracks

IMG_8131 IMG_8130

Wave Garden
Paul Friedlander
Millennium Square

Friedlander’s sculptures reminded me of kelp gardens in the ocean with the way they twisted around everywhere.


I took long exposures of them all to try and capture the full scale of their movement but forgot that the crowd and cars on the road were moving in the background and caused quite a distraction in my shots.


These sculptures were nice to look at for a few minutes but they didn’t make me want to stay and watch them for ages because they were pretty simplistic.

Drawing With Light
Urban Projections supported by Lumen Arts
Leeds College of Art, Vernon Street.

As this was Leeds College of Art’s piece, I was very excited about it but I think we went while people were still practising for it so it wasn’t my favourite thing I saw at light night but if I went later I think I would’ve really liked it. I tried to take some long exposure on my camera but without my tripod or a good perch, it didn’t work very well.

IMG_8151 IMG_8141

Ashley Panton
Upstairs @ The Carriageworks

I really loved this piece, the geometric shapes were beautiful and the lights syncing with the sound made it very mesmerising and atmospheric to watch. I got some really cool photos and sound from it as well but my phone ran out of memory quite quickly which meant I didn’t get much footage.








Life line
James Rosental
Main Theatre, Carriageworks

I hadn’t planned to see this piece but I’m very glad I did. It was a ten minute contemporary dance piece where the group of girls used rope to help their movements. It was amazing to watch and their movements were so controlled and concise. It was a really tight piece of dance and the group worked and moved together so well. The use of light to accentuate certain parts of the piece was amazing and the music was just subtle enough that you noticed it, but it’d didn’t distract from the dancers.





I was at a very awkward angle to try and photograph the performance, I was on the side balcony in the lighting rig and the lighting made it very hard to capture the girls’ fast movements across the stage





Although on paper, this piece didn’t initially appeal to me, I’m very glad I went because it was thoroughly worth a watch

Spotlight on Fashion fusion: East Meets West
The business confucius institute at the University of Leeds
Banqueting suite and foyer, Leeds Civic Hall


This was another thing I didn’t originally intend to see but I ran into two of my friends on Fashion Design and so we went to see the show. The first two designs were by first year Fashion design and Fashion communication students at LCA’s work who won an East meets West Chinese fashion design competition. It was an amazing show and fascinating to see what Leeds College of art Fashion students can achieve and the designs were stunning.

IMG_8334 IMG_8351

Then a singer came out and sung this beautifully haunting song in Chinese which really set the scene for the rest of the show.

After that, the rest of the show began. The clothes were beautiful, floaty and a wonderful modern take on tradition Chinese fashion. Unfortunately, I wasn’t in a very good position and didn’t have a tripod so I couldn’t get very good shots of the show

IMG_8367 IMG_8545 IMG_8511 IMG_8500 IMG_8495 IMG_8489 IMG_8488 IMG_8481 IMG_8476 IMG_8475 IMG_8468 IMG_8466 IMG_8457 IMG_8451 IMG_8443 IMG_8433 IMG_8429 IMG_8420 IMG_8402 IMG_8372

There were designs around the room made from one of the oldest fabric providers in Leeds which were beautiful as well

IMG_8553 IMG_8559

After the show, I grabbed my friend to see if we could meet the designer as the show was partnered with LCA. When we asked, we didn’t realise we were talking to the designer’s translator and she took us over to meet the lady herself. She was really lovely and it was amazing to talk to someone so successful in the industry and network with people. She talked to us about the fabric and her inspiration for her work and then she offered to take a photo with us


We were so grateful she’d given us her time and left the building so amazed that she’d taken the time to talk to us.

The sun at night
David Henckel
Leeds Cathedral

This was the final piece I went to see. NASA’s footage of the sun was projected on a huge sheet in front of the alter in the cathedral. The sound of the sun burning was reverberating around the church at deafening volume which made you feel as if you were standing right in front of it which was incredible.
IMG_8578 IMG_8580  IMG_8579IMG_8582  IMG_8581

Projecting it on the alter really struck me because so many deities worship the sun as a god or God’s light that it felt like we were sat their worshipping the sun and basking in it’s glory.

All in all, I loved light night and I will definitely be going next year because everything was so good and nice to see


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